Alaska Natural Resources Law Attorneys

Our law firm is nationally recognized as the preeminent natural resources law firm in Alaska. It serves a large clientele of oil and gas companies, mining companies, financial institutions, Native corporations, and other businesses and individuals involved in exploring for, acquiring, developing, producing, transporting and marketing Alaska’s natural resources.

We have successfully handled a broad spectrum of legal matters affecting Alaska’s natural resources, including the matters listed below:

  • Completed large and complex purchase and sale transactions, exploration agreements, option and leasing transactions, land exchanges, and joint ventures involving lands valuable or potentially valuable for oil, gas, minerals, timber, access routes or rights-of-way, and other resources or purposes
  • Represented clients in international financing transactions involving Alaska’s largest oil and gas fields, mines, pipelines, communications facilities, and other infrastructure developments
  • Completed numerous title opinions on complex oil and gas, mineral, and other properties
  • Litigated to protect oil and gas, mineral, and timber rights
  • Assisted oil and gas, mining, and other resource development projects in obtaining required permits and authorizations
  • Assisted mining companies and other resource clients in matters requiring the negotiation and regulatory approval of special contracts for electric power and in other utility regulatory matters generally, and
  • Advised clients in state royalty, severance tax, and mining production tax matters and on local taxation issues.

Lawyers at our firm also regularly publish and present papers in the areas of natural resources law and environmental law. They are frequent speakers at continuing legal education events and conferences, and have developed reputations as leaders in this complex area of law.

Environmental Law Matters

In matters of environmental law, we represent natural resource clients as well as commercial, real estate and insurance clients. Over the years, we have accomplished a great deal in this important area of law:

  • Located insurance coverage to pay cleanup costs in large and small contaminated sites
  • Reached complex cleanup agreements in large environmental sites involving multiple parties, and in small sites involving only one or two individuals
  • Represented clients in Superfund and State of Alaska litigation relating to environmental contamination and cleanup
  • Represented clients in obtaining environmental project permits on large natural resources developments, and
  • Represented clients on difficult federal and state environmental matters, including NEPA, Section 404, the Endangered Species Act, the Marine Mammals Protection Act, RCRA, CERCLA, and State statutes including Section 16 fish and wildlife statutes, the Forest Practices Act, environmental cleanup statutes, and oil spill statutes.

When you seek counsel on natural resources issues, we invite you to contact Guess & Rudd’s Anchorage office at 877-310-6183 to schedule a confidential consultation with a lawyer from our firm.