Alaska Native Law Attorneys

Since the enactment of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) in 1971, Guess & Rudd has represented many Alaska Native Regional and Village Corporations. From Calista Corporation, located in the Yukon Kuskokwim (YK) Delta of Alaska, to Doyon, Limited, headquartered, we have represented some of the largest private landowners in Alaska with millions of acres conveyed to them under ANCSA.

As a preeminent Alaskan law firm, we provide legal representation in a wide variety of ANCSA issues, including:

  • Land selections, conveyances, and exchanges
  • Natural resources development
  • Section 7(i) revenue sharing
  • Business matters arising under ANCSA
  • Annual shareholder meetings and proxy statements and proxies
  • Contested ANCSA proxy matters, and
  • Other unique issues faced by Alaska Native Corporations.

In addition to our representation of Regional Corporations and Village Corporations, we also regularly represent mining, oil and gas, and other business clients in transactions or other matters where knowledge of ANCSA is essential to achievement of the client’s objectives.

Our focus is on protecting our clients’ interests in land and resources by guiding them through legal matters efficiently and effectively. We are committed to upholding our clients’ financial and social well-being. We do so by implementing in-depth knowledge of ANSCA, which has been developed over years of experience with this complex and uniquely Alaskan body of law.

We invite you to contact Guess & Rudd’s Anchorage office at 877-310-6183 to schedule a confidential consultation with a lawyer from our firm. The best way to protect your interests under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is to speak with an established ANSCA attorney.